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A Private International Association of the Faithful of Pontifical Right


The Global Governance is led by the CFC International Council headed by the Chairman. It is the policy making body and sets the pastoral direction of the global community. The members of the IC are elected by the Elder’s Assembly composed of CFC leaders as defined in the Vatican statutes and the CFC Articles and By-laws.

The members of the International Council are the anointed spiritual leaders of the community and the global flock is entrusted to them by God. They do not lead for power, pay or reward but for their desire to serve and shepherd the flock. They are called to be models of holiness, obedience, shepherding and stewardship, like Christ, the perfect servant- leader. They are called not only to lead but to inspire, encourage, communicate, receive feedback, affirm, correct, and
pray fervently with and for the CFC community.

The CFC Spiritual Director plays a central and important role in maintaining our community spirituality and relationship with the Church. He is a part of the Church Integration Office of CFC. The International Council maintains and strengthens relationship with the Holy See (Vatican), especially the Pontifical Council on the Laity but also with the Pontifical Council on the Family, Pontifical Council on the Pastoral Care of Migrants and Itinerant Peoples, and Pontifical Council on Social Justice. The IC maintains and strengthens relationship with Regional Federations of Catholic Bishops Conference, such as the Federation of Asian Bishops Conferences

The CFC global operation is headed by the Executive Director who is responsible for the overall operations of the organization. Together with the Directors of each Ministry and Heads of Offices, he ensures the implementation of the fullness of the life and mission of the global community. Each office is supported by a secretariat and full time workers and missionaries as well as professional and mission volunteers. 


  1. Michael Ariola
  2. Rabboni Arjonillo
  3. George Campos
  4. Emmanuel Garcia
  5. Jaime Ilagan
  6.  Rouquel Ponte
  7. Jose Tale
  8. Jose Tayag
  9. Jose Yamamoto


President - George B. Campos
Chairman - Jose Tale
Corporate Secretary - Rabboni Arjonillo
Finance - Jaime M. Ilagan


Evangelization and Missions Director - Jose Tale

  • Metro Manila Missions Director - Michael Bukuhan
  • Philippine Missions Director - Jose Yamamoto
  • International Missions Director - Jose Tale

Pastoral Formation Office Director - Rouquel Ponte

ANCOP Director - Jimmy Ilagan

Family Ministries Director - Michael Ariola

Communications Director - Michael Ariola


  1. James Solano
  2. Alromanof Ocampo
  3. Arnel Santos
  4. Filemon Uriarte Jr.
  5. Ermelo Villaroman Jr.
  6. Ricardo Cuenca
  7. Emmanuel Dalman
  8. Andy Lising



#156 20th Avenue, Cubao, Quezon City, Philippines
TRUNKLINE: (632) 709-4868 FAX NO: (632) 709-4844
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